It´s just paradise!

Approaching the new world...

Ft. Myers — Cape Coral

The international airport of Ft. Myers (RSW) is, compared to other airports, small and contemplative. Nevertheless at lot of things changed during the last years. Especially the opening of the brand new and generous air terminal is offering a lot of conveniences and service for the passengers. Motto: Small but powerful!

Gr��ere Kartenansicht

After you passed the so called imigration, take your luggage and leave the building. Once outside, take a deep breath, hold on a minute and enjoy the deep, blue Florida sky and the wonderful sun, pleasant anticipation to beautiful and fantastic days. Now, cross the street (slightly to the right) and you reach, in another building, stations of almost all known rental car agencies. Do the paperwork and thereafter you are free for your marvelous vacation adventure in Cape Coral, in beautiful Villa Esprit.

Tip: On your way from Ft. Myers Airport to Cape Coral you will have to use a toll bridge across the Caloosahatchee River. Toll: 2 Dollar!

Car Rental

Conditions of the different car rental companies differ and change from year to year, from season to season. Example: Some companies offer specials as: Spouses are included as second drivers, but change these specials from season to season. Therefore it is neceassary for you to check before each journey the complete range of programs available. Here are the links to the companies located at the airport of Ft. Myers: