It´s just paradise!

About Cape Coral

Some things worth to know about your vacation town.


Climate is mild and warm, mostly combined with a gentle breeze from the Gulf of Mexico. According to statistics it is raining during summer period at about 30% of all days. But rainshowers are always short and son after the warm sun as dried the wet streets and beaches. The highest temperatures are measured in May to Oktober, up to 33 degrees Celsius. The lowest tempertures are expected from December to February with an average of 24 degrees Celsius.

Average daily temperature in �Celsius

Average daily watertemperature in �Celsius


Cape Coral has a bright variety of different municipal parks, different sport facilities and and possibilities to camp and grill. The most interesting parks are: Jaycee Park, Rotary Park, Sunsplash Waterpark and Mike Greenwells, a family recreation park. For Golfers it is almost paradies, because he finds severall golf courses in the vicinity of the town of Cape Coral. Here is a small link with some of them: golf courses (PDF).


Cape Coral has been designed and built about 40 years ago by the so called Rosen brothers. They have been aware of the high potential of a wonderfront wonderland, located directly at the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, with plenty of sunshine year-round on the most southern peninsular of the USA. The brothers bought land and started to build more thn 400 km of canals. One reason for the canals was a law, that said, that land has to have a certain minimum elevation, if you want to declare (or sell) it as developed site. Digging for the necessary dirt produced the nice and famous canals we know and use today within the city of Cape Coral. Cape Coral is, according to the surface area, the second biggest city of Florida.

Feedback had been overwhelming formerly and today and the Rosen brothers sold almost 350000 properties to people, who lived mainly in other states of the US and wanted to ensure their private little paradise in the Venice of America, in Waterfront Wonderland. Officially Cape Coral received its town charter in August 1970 and promoted quickly to a very popular city of living, for everyone who can afford it. Most of the people are living in the Cape and working in one of the cities in the proximate neighborhood, as Ft.Myers. Lots of Americans and Canadians, in the last years also Europeans have bought there little piece of paradise. So Cape Coral has been able to keep the status as a nice town to live in and work at another place.

Compared to other cities the city fathers never lost their sense of proportion, when planning the cities future. Today, Cape Coral is a modern town, by three bridges connected with the main land, without the typical high-riser and urban canyons. Instead of that you find huge, luxurious villas with nice swimming pools and boat docks, all-season blooming flowers, cirtic- and palmtrees.

Welcome to paradise!